Vib and Ring v1.2

Title: Vib and Ring v1.2
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Time: 7/4/2009
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Blackberry 8100,Blackberry 8110,Blackberry 8120,Blackberry 8130,Blackberry 8300,Blackberry 8310,Blackberry 8320,Blackberry 8330,Blackberry 8350i,Blackberry 8900,Blackberry 8200,Blackberry 8220,Blackberry 8230

Everyone knows the problem when an incoming call is received:
Firstly the device vibrates and only after the vibrating is finished, the ringtone starts to play. Unfortunately this often leads to missed calls.

Finally there is a solution to this: VibAndRing!

This simple application allows you to set the vibration alert and the ringtone alert at the same time. You can also set how long the vibration alert should last.

Whats new in Version 1.2:
Set bursts lower 500ms
Included settings for short ringtone
Predefined Vibration-Settings
Launch the Profiles Application from VibAndRing
Improved compatibility on BlackBerry devices

Whats new in Version 1.1:
Multiple Bursts
You can freely set the amount of bursts
The milliseconds for each burst are changeable
It is possible to set the pause between the bursts in milliseconds
The Vibration-Alert can be tested in the application
'Help-Text' accessable in the application
Active after a reset
The Bold is supported
Improved User Interface
Tell-A-Friend Option included

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